Costa Rica's coast, especially the coast of Guanacaste Province which is home to the Lomas Del Mar project, is famous and unprecedented for its fishing because of the ocean currents and the government's commitment to catch and release.


"Champion of The World" designation by UN affirms Costa Rica’s quest not only for eco-carbon neutral living but it’s passion and direction of co-existing with the animals and ocean life of the world.


What's more important than being a part of this movement happening across the globe? We here at Lomas Del Mar are committed to the same quest and have invested our time and lives in that journey.

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Proximity to Flamingo and Coco means these activities are all at your fingertips. Close but not too close so Lomas Del Mar can still provide that calming Pura Vida experience only found in Costa Rica and its eco-living.

  •  Four Seasons Golf Course 45 min

  • Cortez Waterfall 45 min

  • Liberia, Costa Rica 35 min

  • Flamingo Marina 20 min

  • Beachside Theatre 20 min

  • Major Grocery Store 15 min

  • Coco Beach Hard Rock Cafe 15 min

  • Coco Beach Outdoor Sports Venue

  • 18 hole Public Golf Course  15 min

  • Playa Montapalo 7 min

  • Playa Blanca 7 min

  • Famed Monkey Bar and Soda (Restaurant) 5 min

  • Super Lopez (Convenient Store) 5 min

  • RIU Casino 5 min 

Playa Flamingo 

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Playa del Coco 

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The combination of raw beauty and the natural bay of Playa Flamingo has attracted adventure seekers for thousands of years. The growth here in Flamingo in the modern era is noticeable over the last 25 years through the photo comparisons above.


That has attracted Shaheen Develpment from The U.S who is a partner of our consulting group here at Lomas Del Mar and his new 33million dollar eco-driven Flamingo Marina. With construction under way it’s something you’ll want to know is just a 15 min drive from the vistas at Lomas Del Mar.


10 years in the permitting process and countless environmental studies culminated in November 2019 with trucks rolling and the project in full swing. With over 6 acres being created out in the ocean it’s easy to be impressed with the sheer scope of the project. The entire area benefits with increased real-estate values because of the marina, and Lomas Del Mar is no exception.


Coco, being a pleasant contrast of Flamingo was originally a surf town and a jumping off point for the famous Witches Rock surf location. As it has grown it provides a more local cultural base with street food and a stunning ocean front board walk with basketball court,skate park, children area, senior workout area and more.


With local night life open until 2am just having this surf town only 12 minutes away makes it a weekly destination just for the local culture. It also provides a level of luxury with the Pacifico project which houses Hard Rock Cafe Restaurant, Subway, modern grocery stores and a great compliment to the rustic feel of the surrounding area.

These two very accessible and just far enough away location means you can enjoy the simplicity and raw beauty of Costa Rica without giving up any of the conveniences you are accustomed to.

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